Avoid PC Matic

Avoid PC Matic

I am sure this advertisement didn’t fool anyone. The TV commercial promises to completely and magically heal everything that could possibly be wrong with your computer. It even saves the gentleman from going to the store and the lady gets to go to girls night – all because of PC Matic. Wow!

Get real!

CNET’s download.com had four+ stars for this product as rated by users, but if you read enough of the bad reviews you quickly realize that this is just another bag of empty promises. PC Pit-stop got a head start by flooding the user reviews with glowing ratings which gives the product some inauthentic legitimacy.

If your system isn’t performing properly, or you think it is infected then try these free programs to get it cleaned up and running smoothly.



Use the free versions. If you think you have a virus then you will need to get professional help. I am always available for your computing needs.

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  1. I agree…it promises to do too much too cheaply and is simply a retread of some old software that was purchased from a defunct company.

    You could do much better with free software that consists of individual programs which do a far better job in each of their classes rather than a ‘jack of all trades’ and ‘master of none’ which is what PC Matic and all other heavily-advertised, and non-free packages like them comes down to.

    SOMETIMES, you do not get what you pay for…PC Matic is just that!!!! It’s worse than most free options out there.

    Save your money and stop being a sucker for TV ads.

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